Welcome To INS Militia!
Welcome To INS Militia!

We want to make one thing clear before everything else:

INS Militia is a adult tactical gaming community with our main interest being Insurgency.
INS Militia is not a clan. Therefore we do not have a rankings, a hierarchy or statistics systems.
We are here for one thing and that is to have fun playing Insurgency through use of tactical teamwork.

We strive to provide our members/people with a good tactical gaming experience and have established a couple of good servers to play on.

A lot of time and effort has been spent to making this a place where everybody can have a good time, whether you're a raw noob, or proficient player, and maybe learn a thing or two about how to be more effective in game.

We have devised a simple but strict set of community rules and a gaming SOP, which when followed and applied allow for more fun and ownage as you hone your playing style.

Once you have experienced our team work method of playing, we can almost promise you will find it provides a better gaming experience bringing you far more Victories and far fewer Defeats.

That’s how good it is!

You are hereby invited to have a look around our forums and join us in a game. Find out for yourself how your tactical gaming experience can improve your level of gaming in ways more enjoyable than you have known before.

Again, to make it abundantly clear: we are not a clan, we are a tactical gaming community.

- The INS Militia Crew