INS Militia Server Rules & SOP
Below you will find our rules and SOP.
It is advisable to read and follow these.

For more information visit our forum.

  • No TeamKilling!
  • No Cheating
  • No Voice/Chat Spamming!
  • No Whining!
  • No Racism!
  • Only English in voip/chat

Play Tactical, Play as a Team & Have Fun!
[SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)]
This SOP is a guideline to insure proper gameplay and it will be enforced by the admin and other players if they are in the game/online.
These are not rules, but it is advisable to play by them.
  • 1.Kill all Opfor. 2.Place Explosives. 3.Regroup. 4.Take the OBJs with the team. 5.Repel counterattack. 6. Resupply before you move out.
  • Molotovs, Smoke and Incendiary's grenades are NOT Needed.
  • Only use Flash Grenades if you know how to use them properly!
  • Watch The Firing Lines: DO NOT step in front of weapons.
  • If on POINT, CROUCH so we can shoot over your head
  • Firing Lines: Do Not run in front of teammates guns. If you do you will be shot.
  • IFF!: Identify Friend or Foe before you take the shot!
  • This crew comes with Rules and Expectations. The Rules are there to insure our Victory. The Expectation is those wanting to be a part of this crew follow the Rules/SOP.